CASIA Iris Image Database (CASIA-Iris) developed by our research group has been released to the international biometrics community and updated from CASIA-IrisV1 to CASIA-IrisV4 since 2002. More than 3,600 users from 100 countries or regions have downloaded CASIA-Iris and much excellent work on iris recognition has been done based on these iris image databases.
CASIA Fingerprint Image Database Version 5.0 (or CASIA-FingerprintV5) contains 20,000 fingerprint images of 500 subjects. The fingerprint images were captured using URU4000 fingerprint sensor in one session. Each volunteer contributed 40 fingerprint images of his eight fingers (left and right thumb/second/third/fourth finger), i.e. 5 images per finger. All fingerprint images are 8 bit gray-level BMP files and the image resolution is 328*356.
CASIA Face Image Database Version 5.0 (or CASIA-FaceV5) contains 2,500 color facial images of 500 subjects. The face images are captured using Logitech USB camera in one session. All face images are 16 bit color BMP files and the image resolution is 640*480. Typical intra-class variations include illumination, pose, expression, eye-glasses, imaging distance, etc. CASIA 3D Face Database Version 1.0 contains 4,624 scans of 123 persons using the non-contact 3D digitizer, Minolta Vivid 910. We consider not only the single variations of poses, expressions and illuminations, but also the combined variations of expressions under illumination and poses under expressions. From each scan, one 2D color image and one 3D facial triangulated surface are generated.
CASIA Palmprint Image Database (or CASIA-Palmprint for short) contains 5,502 palmprint images captured from 312 subjects. For each subject, we collect palmprint images from both left and right palms. All palmprint images are 8 bit gray-level JPEG files by our self-developed palmprint recognition device. We have also developed real-time palmprint recognition systems working on PDA and common PC.
CASIA Multi-Spectral Palmprint Image Database contains 7,200 palm images captured from 100 different people using a self-designed multiple spectral imaging device. All palm images are 8 bit gray-level JPEG files. For each hand, we capture two sessions of palm images. The time interval between the two sessions is more than one month. In each session, there are three samples. Each sample contains six palm images which are captured at the same time with six different electromagnetic spectrums.
CASIA online handwriting database contains 1074 handwritten texts in online format from 188 writers in two sessions. Each writer writes seven pages of texts, including four pages of Chinese texts and three pages of English texts.
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CASIA Gait Database includes three datasets: Dataset A was created on Dec. 10, 2001, including 20 persons. The size of Dataset A is about 2.2GB and the database includes 19139 images. Dataset B is a large multi-view gait database, which is created in Jan. 2005. There are 124 subjects, and the gait data was captured from 11 views. Three variations, namely view angle, clothing and carrying condition changes, are separately considered. Dataset C was collected by an infrared (thermal) camera in Jul.-Aug. 2005. It contains 153 subjects and takes into account four walking conditions: normal walking, slow walking, fast walking, and normal walking with a bag. The videos were all captured at night.
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CASIA action database is a collection of sequences of human activities captured by video cameras outdoors from different angle of view. There are 1446 sequences in all containing eight types of actions of single person (walk, run, bend, jump, crouch, faint, wander and punching a car) performed each by 24 subjects and seven types of two person interactions (rob, fight, follow, follow and gather, meet and part, meet and gather, overtake) performed by every 2 subjects.
Tampered Image
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CASIA TIDE v1.0 focuses on splicing detection evaluation. It contains 800 authentic and 921 spliced color images of size 384256 pixels with JPEG format. The authentic images were mostly collected from the Corel image dataset and others are taken by our own digital cameras. We further divided the authentic images into several categories (scene, animal, architecture, character, plant, article, nature and texture) according to their content and also consider some pre-processing when making spliced images.
CASIA TIDE V2.0 is with larger size and with more realistic and challenged fake images by using post-processing of tampered regions. It contains 7491 authentic and 5123 tampered color images. The images in CASIA TIDE v2.0 are with difference sizes, various from 240160 to 900600 pixels. The authentic images are collected from the Corel image dataset, websites with authorization of the image usage and our own images captured from digital cameras.